Other Services


Trade Fair Services

  • Planning for visits of high ranking economic-commercial delegations and coordination with relevant organizations for official welcoming reception
  • Arranging for appointments with trade fair participants for visiting delegations
  • Holding training seminars in order to improve efficiency and professionalism of the stand attendants
  • Planning for visits to plants in Germany and meeting with their managers
  • Planning and holding for business meetings at stands during trade fairs, at trade fair center halls and the halls outside the trade fair
  • Introducing competent accompanying interpreters during trade fairs and relevant seminars
  • Introducing reliable and creditable stand manufacturers
  • Introducing reliable and creditable companies for transportation of trade fair merchandise  


  • Introducing applicants to airlines which have a contract with DTF in order to use special discounts
  • Providing travelers Insurance policies issued
  • Introducing applicants to creditable travel agencies for hotel reservation at reasonable prices 
  • Introduction letter by the most creditable trade fair tours  
  • Introducing creditable foreign companies for any kind of formality services in trade fair cities
  • Introducing creditable travel agencies in Frankfurt for rendering tourist services required
  • Providing international and German SIM cards
  • Opening accounts for Silver and Gold VISA Cards 

Special Services:

  • Company registration in Germany
  • Trade mark registration in the European Union
  • Organizing specialized courses in connection with acquiring international standard certificates
  • Consultancy on how to acquire certificates, ISO standards and European standards (CE)
  • Organizing specialized courses on marketing and modern management techniques both in Iran and Germany taught by German professors and awarding internationally acknowledged certificates
  • Providing specialized investment consultation with regards to competitors and similar goods available in the target markets of potential customers and delivering the latest developments and economic statuses of those markets  
  • Providing commercial consultations on how to enter Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan markets

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